Alternative Medicine: An Inside Look

12 Apr 2018

Many people have a fear of going to the doctor. Some may be scared because they were traumatized as kids when they visited a pediatrician to get their immunization shots. Some may have had a bad experience with a physician that has forever affected them. Some fear the high costs associated with medical care. So what other options are available? Is there a better, more holistic approach? Well, some people look to alternative medicine to find natural methods of improving their health that will lead to long-term vitality while also reducing overall health expenditure.

The field of medicine works on a trial and error basis. If a treatment doesn’t work at first, you continue down the list of other possible treatments until you reach one that will cause the desired effect. A disadvantage of this process of elimination is that the body usually takes in several medications that have a negative effect on it prior to achieving a positive one. At times, the end result is negative overall, as the body is bombarded with chemicals.

Another option is alternative medicine. People involved in the practice of alternative medicine are often professionals in the healthcare field that have been convinced that these natural remedies are quite as effective, or even better, than the synthetic ones. The branch of alternative medicine, or alternative health, is quite broad and includes herbal medicine and the use of natural devices that encourage wellness and healthy living in a world that is filled with environmental pollutants.

An example of a device used for alternative medicine is the Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps are made of crystallized salt mined from the Himalayan Mountains. As an alternative health device, they promote cleaner living through their ionizing properties that help clean the indoor air of the home. In addition, they promote concentration and focus for better comprehension and alertness due to their ancillary light therapy benefits. Pollutants in the air are eradicated with regular use of these salt lamps in the home and other indoor environments.

Many illnesses are the result of stress and an unhealthy lifestyle and environment. The introduction of these alternative health practices and devices can create a balance in the body that causes illness to subside. But what does it take to be able to succeed when practicing of alternative medicine? What is required is an open mind and a positive disposition to accept change in the way you live your life - a change from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one. It is not easy to make drastic changes in your lifestyle, especially if you are so used to what you are currently doing, but a decision like this will not only affect your body and mind, it will also affect the people who surround you in a positive way.

Alternative medicine is considered to be a controversial branch of medicine and yet one of the most widely practiced, both knowingly and unknowingly, by many people through their rituals and traditions. Even amid the skepticism, alternative medicine still remains a popular choice for the advancement of natural health practices to benefit the body and mind.