Benefits of a Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler

11 Apr 2018

The Himalayan Salt Inhaler has been acclaimed in many circles, it has even been featured on the Dr. Oz Show. This ceramic device is filled with authentic Himalayan crystal salt. By inhaling through the top “pipe” portion of the device and exhaling through the nose (to be done repeatedly for 15 minutes once a day), an individual allows salinated air to pass through their respiratory system. Salt, being an antiseptic, will cleanse the air passages via this process. Individuals with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory ailments have expressed significant relief from this all natural product. This mimics ancient treatments known as halotherapy and speleotherapy, where individuals would go to salt caves or sanitariums located near the ocean to inhale salt air to help with a myriad of conditions. In fact, these treatments are still in effect in parts of the world today. The Himalayan crystal salt inhaler brings this treatment to your home.