Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt

22 Jan 2013

Himalayan Crystal Salt is organic, all-natural salt mined from deep beneath the Himalayan Mountain Range in Asia. It is pinkish in color. It originates from ancient seas that existed over 250 million years ago that have since evaporated. The salt was left behind when the water disappeared, then due to the natural shifting of tectonic plates over millions of years, the Himalayan Mountain Range was formed over these massive salt supplies. The extreme weight of the mountains atop of the salt caused it to harden and crystallize. This entire process was done naturally - literally over the ages. It is said that Alexander The Great was the one to discover these pristine salt mines. Synthetic salt simply cannot compare. Firstly, synthetic salts (most salts purchased at your local grocery store) have about 2.5% of additives that are placed in them to keep them from sticking together. These additives are anti-caking agents and moisture absorbents which represent just some of the impurities. Additionally, these regular, man-altered salts go through what they call, ironically, a “purification process” where the salt is heated to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit to recrystallize it. This kills off many of the benefits of the salt from its natural state. Also, many companies add fluorides to their salt, further altering it from its original natural and organic state. Sea Salt is another type of salt that has become popular in recent years and it is indeed better than the regular synthetic salt we spoke of earlier, but it still is not as pure as Himalayan Crystal Salt. You can read about this in our article “Himalayan Crystal Salt vs. Sea Salt”.