Himalayan Crystal Salt vs. Sea Salt

11 Apr 2018

While Sea Salt is better than your ordinary grocery store synthetically altered man-made salt, it is still not the purest. Unfortunately, our oceans are not the most pristine environments that they were years ago. Chemical pollution from factories, businesses and individuals littering the ocean with plastics and other materials, oil spills and the like have all contaminated our waters to where not just the fish, but also the ocean salt, has become less pure. As a result, many companies go through a refining process with their sea salt that actually removes some of its natural benefits during this “cleansing” process.

Himalayan crystal salt is truly from a pristine, unpolluted environment. Buried in the foothills of the Himalayas for millions of years and originating from ancient seas that existed long before man-made pollution, Himalayan crystal salt is truly as pure as it gets. As a result, none of the synthetic “purification” or “refining” processes need to be performed on this salt that would strip it of its natural benefits. Himalayan salt is 85% sodium chloride and 15% minerals (84 trace minerals) that are needed by the body. These minerals are not found in other salts. Iodine is not part of Himalayan salt because this salt is all-natural and not chemically infused with iodine as other synthetics salts are. Iodine is an important element needed by the human body that can be consumed via a host of other foodstuffs like seafood, cheese, and milk. Believe it or not, contrary to what the synthetic salt manufacturers say, table salt is not the ideal place to get your iodine supply.

Himalayan salt brings much more to the table, however, that other salts cannot. This includes the 84 trace minerals it possesses that are so beneficial to the body. In addition, however, Himalayan crystal salt will regulate the water content throughout your body, promote a healthy pH balance in your cells, (particularly your brain cells), promote blood sugar health (which helps reduce signs of aging), help regulate blood pressure, promote sinus health, prevent muscle cramps, promote respiratory health, promote bone strength, support libido, and much more.

Lastly, Himalayan crystal salt is simply delicious. Once again, this is organic, all-natural, great for the body, and it is also very tasty.