Himalayan Salt Lamp Side Effects: What You Need to Know

12 Jul 2018

Himalayan salt lamps: You've read about them on the internet and heard about them on the news. They seem to be a recent buzzword among health enthusiasts and those who prefer more naturalistic remedies. Certain websites, including this one, claim that you're best served by buying several of these products and placing them in various rooms throughout your house.

But should you? After all, any recent popular craze might have unforeseen side effects - something that the speedy shopper may overlook in the desire to remain trendy. We believe in educating our customers on all the known facts.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the various proven side effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

Can it purify the air?
Many people purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp to help improve the air quality in their homes. Pollution can be a serious detriment to personal health. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, inhaling air pollutants on a regular basis has been linked to conditions such as cardiovascular disease, impaired pregnancy and even increased risk of certain cancers.

Much of pollution today comes from smog, which is a ground-level ozone that can seep into your home through the outdoors. The bad news is there are indoor air pollutants as well, including carbon monoxide, asbestos and even tobacco smoke if you live with a smoker.

While these problems can sound daunting, don't worry: There's good news too. Salt is a natural water absorbent, meaning it can attract water vapor in the air. Many indoor pollutants latch onto these molecules. So, essentially, your Himalayan Salt Lamp draws in the water vapor, trapping the pollutants to its surface and releasing clean oxygen back into your home.

A single Himalayan Salt Lamp cannot accomplish this task at a high level. That is why we advise owning multiple lamps, if possible. If you really want to be on the safe side, complement your Himalayan Salt Lamps with certain indoor plants. Specimens like the peace lily and Boston fern can add to your air quality, according to This Old House.

How can it help with allergies and asthma?
OK, you say, so Himalayan Salt Lamps are great for dealing with pollution ... but what about other annoyances like allergies and asthma? Well, did you know that Himalayan Salt is so effective at combating asthma that it has been used as an ingredient in inhalers? It's true. Salt, in general, can help improve respiratory conditions through the process outlined above. It attracts and absorbs the pollutants that can aggravate your sinuses and saves your lungs the trouble of dealing with them.

There is a whole list of studies available on The Salt Cave that detail the proven benefits of using what has been called "salt therapy" on children and adults dealing with various lung conditions.

Of course, as with any treatment, results can depend on how much you take. Another added benefit of salt is that unlike with many drugs, your chances of overdosing are microscopic. If you're trying to help fight allergies or asthma, especially in children, then adding a Himalayan Salt Lamp or two makes a lot of sense.

Just what are negative ions?
Chances are that if you've heard of Himalayan Salt Lamps, you've also read about "negative ions." Sounds bad, right? That ion is a negative ion! Well, don't worry: The negative ones can actually help you out. Ions exist all around us. Essentially, they're molecules or atoms without an even charge, meaning that some are positive and others - well, you get the idea.

Many experts, including Nutrition Review, have touted the benefits of negative ions for years. They can help lower stress levels, anxiety and reduce overall feelings of sleeplessness. Himalayan Salt Lamps produce these negative ions, albeit in small amounts. You're not going to see a day-and-day difference with just one tiny lamp.

However, every little bit helps with negative ions, especially since machines like smartphones and laptops create low levels of positive ions (which are not helpful). If anything, buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp can help you and many people preserve the ion balance within the home.

Anything negative you should know about?
OK, we've gushed, but there has to be something bad to say, right? Any product with positive effects must have a downside, right? Well, yes and no. If you own a real Himalayan Salt Lamp, you likely won't experience any negatives. If you own a real one.

It's sad to say but charlatans exist, and they wait to prey off shoppers who may not have all the correct information. Fake Himalayan Salt Lamps can look like the real thing while providing none of the benefits. If you're going to purchase one of these products, make sure you do it from a trusted dealer - and pay attention to the customer reviews.

But, if you've got the real thing, relax and enjoy! There's no real downside to a Himalayan Salt Lamp.