Himalayan Salt Night Lights: The Key to a Better Sleep

06 Aug 2018

Sleep is incredibly important. Those eight hours or so you spend in bed are designed to refresh you for the next day. Without consistent sleep, your body's natural energy levels will take a nosedive and you'll be yawning, drowsy and - worse - less productive. According to a 2016 CareerBuilder survey, about 17 percent of respondents said that a lack of sleep had impaired their memory, while a whopping 60 percent indicated it damaged their ability to work.

Once sleep patterns are disrupted, you have to work to fix them. Your circadian rhythm will try to right itself ... but it will need your help. If you are one of the many people currently enduring sleep deficiency, please consider how a Himalayan Salt Night Light can help you get back to being rested.

Mastering your circadian rhythm

"Himalayan Salt Night Lights have other health benefits besides supporting your internal clock."

While the circadian rhythm may sound like an odd dance move, it actually refers to your internal clock. According to the National Sleep Foundation, your circadian rhythm controls your inner energy levels, telling you when to be tired and when to be awake. This process is regulated by a section of your brain conditioned to release different chemicals to stimuli. For instance, in a dark room, your circadian rhythm will be more likely to send signals that it is time for sleep.

However, as technology has advanced, our sleep patterns have come under threat. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices frequently emit blue-tinted light, which alerts the brain and sends the same stimulus as sunlight. As sleep expert Heather Coros told Time Money, this behavior can be severely detrimental to falling and staying asleep.

This is one reason why she endorses Himalayan Salt Night Lights. She stated that, since Himalayan salt emits a pink or yellowish light, the circadian rhythm is unaffected, keeping your brain fully sure it is night time. "[It will] let your body know it's time to power down," she stated.

Bright screens can disrupt your sleep habits. Bright screens can disrupt your sleep habits.

Cleaning the air as you sleep
Of course, Himalayan Salt Night Lights have other health benefits besides supporting your internal clock. These lamps release negative ions, which can help affect air quality and purity. Essentially, turning on a Himalayan Salt Lamp will help clean the air of the room it's in. The extent of the effect can depend on the size of the lamp, so make sure you do your research before purchase.

Himalayan Salt Night Lights can help improve air quality in one more way. When pollens, pollutants and other substances within the air interact with the salt crystal, they become stuck to the surface - essentially removing them from the air currents. If you have allergies, this can improve your breathing and allow you to relax more easily. Himalayan salt has actually proven so effective at this that it can be used in inhalers to improve breathing as well.

Lastly, Himalayan Salt Night Lights are aesthetically designed and pleasing to look at. The light they emit is soothing and comforting, making them perfect for children or stressed adults. Reclaim your sleep with a Himalayan Salt Night Light today!