Himalayan Salt Product Instructions

11 Apr 2018

How do I clean my lamp and candle holder?

Periodically wipe with a slightly damp towel or sponge to remove dust. Dry with a towel.

How long should I leave my lamp on?

The longer the lamp is on, the warmer it gets and the better it purifies. Use at your discretion safely.

What type of bulb should I use with my lamp?

Most lamps use a 15-watt candelabra base bulb. The average 7-watt night light bulb found in many stores will work, but we recommend the higher wattage for better air purification. The Home Depot sells a 15-watt ‘picture’ bulb that fits just fine. With extra large lamps (above 15 lbs.) you can go to a lighting store and get a candelabra base bulb in 20 or 25 watts. Home Depot has the higher wattages as well, in addition to some supermarkets. We always supply a 15-watt bulb with every lamp purchase.

What type of candle should I use in my candle holder?

While any candle that fits will look great, smokeless tea lights are the preferred candle because they sit lower in the candle holder producing a deeper glow while heating the holder more effectively for optimal air purification.

How many spa salt crystals do I put in a bath?

A little salt goes a long way. Simply place a palmful of salt crystals per bath. Allow them to dissolve, then relax as the salt softens, detoxifies, and nourishes your skin.

How do I use the purifying salt crystal bar?

Run the bar under water and rub in the hands. The bar does not lather, but will nourish the skin with 84 trace minerals in addition to detoxifying and softening the skin. Keep the salt bar away from puddles of water in an elevated soap dish to avoid premature melting. Do not rub directly on face as the bar is slightly abrasive, but you can rub in the hands and then on the face for the same effect.

Note: At times, salt sweats. This is normal. If placing the bare salt on any sensitive surface, it is good to use a placemat or coaster. Also, keep your salt products away from excessive moisture.