How Long Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Last?

26 Jul 2018

When you buy a gift, it's a good idea to know how long it will last. While some products can provide significant joy, many times that joy is short-lived. In addition, many gifts wear out quickly with use. To quote the famous proverb, it is often the case that "you can't have your cake and eat it too."

But what about Himalayan Salt Lamps? You've likely heard the following things about these interesting products - that they are natural, can have mental and emotional health benefits, and they look fantastic. Sounds too good to be true, right? But how long do they last? Most "natural" things tend to break down faster than manufactured goods. Are Himalayan Salt Lamps like that?

More importantly, what factors can affect a Himalayan Salt Lamp's longevity? Let's analyze how you can have your cake and eat it too with your Himalayan Salt Lamp:

How long should I leave my Himalayan Salt Lamp on?

First, let's talk basic longevity. You've bought your Himalayan Salt Lamp and set it up as a beautiful display in your home, but you're concerned about how long you can leave it on. After all, imposter lamps can present issues since they use inferior components.

Well, rest easy, as there's nothing fake with our salt lamps. Our lamps are built with UL-Listed components that ensure proper functionality, allowing your lamp to work safely and effectively as long as you wish.

The only thing you'll have to do when using our salt lamp is change the light bulb.

Can water harm my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

This is a point worth noting: Water is no friend of the salt lamp. Plain and simple: Do not dunk your Himalayan Salt Lamp in water.

But let's talk specifics. You may have read that Himalayan Salt Lamps can attract small amounts of moisture through particles in the air, and this is true; it is one of the natural properties of the Himalayan salt used in the lamp. In an average climate, this isn't a problem. While the lamp is moisture-absorbing, your air is likely dry enough that the amounts of water will simply evaporate over time.

However, keeping a Himalayan Salt Lamp in a humid environment can cause the lamp to "sweat." This phenomenon is caused by excessive moisture building up on the surface and can damage the product over time, eroding it and reducing its longevity.

So, how do you fix it? First, try increasing the amount of time you keep the lamp on. In addition, you can perform simple maintenance to preserve your lamp's integrity.

First, unplug your lamp. Second, get a dry cloth (we recommend a lint-free cloth), and gently rub the surface, removing all the lamp moisture you can. This process will stop the buildup and help keep your Himalayan Salt Lamp running smoothly.

Will insects try to eat my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

If you have a kitchen, then you've probably had ants. While we may not have a lot in common with these six-legged insects, we both seem to enjoy snacking from the kitchen more than we're supposed to. So, you may be thinking: "Himalayan Salt Lamps are made of salt, and ants like salt. Is this a problem?"

The good news is it's probably not. Ants prefer little, refined salt crystals to giant salt lamps, and some other bugs may even avoid the crystals entirely. For the most part, the bugs in your home won't react to your product. The most you'll see is the occasional moth that may want to share in the lamp's comforting light.


Is a Himalayan Salt Lamp safe for my children?

Children can be creative forces without parallel, especially when they're young and unsupervised. This vigor can lead to some unforeseen construction and remodeling projects around your home. It's no different with a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

For their safety, teach your children to be careful around all electronics. That said, we don't think they'll be overly ambitious when it comes to damaging your salt lamps. Our products emit a very calming, soothing light that can make for a great sleep aid. Odds are your children will equate the light from the Himalayan Salt Lamp with naptime or bed, which may make them more docile around its light.

If I do everything right, how long can I expect my Himalayan Salt Lamp to last?

OK, so you've got your cloth and you've placed your lamp in a secure environment. You have also kept the lamp out of the bathroom and other excessively humid areas... so how long will your lamp last?

In short: Virtually forever. With proper maintenance, you can expect to enjoy a Himalayan Salt Lamp throughout your lifetime. This longevity is part of their appeal as gifts; they're essentially pleasant-looking, uplifting "cakes" that you can "eat" a bit of every day without finishing (or gaining weight).

What's more, the only regular maintenance required is a damp cloth roughly once a month to remove any dust or dirt that's settled on the lamp. Once again, just be sure to unplug it beforehand just to be safe.

Some products are wonderful but don't last. With a Himalayan Salt Lamp, you are making an investment that will stay with you as long as you wish. Many people are already experiencing the joy of these products, so get yours today!