How to Make Himalayan Salt Sole & Benefits

11 Apr 2018

Himalayan Salt Crystal Sole is immensely beneficial to the body. It helps harmonize the body’s alkaline/acidity balance. It assists in normalizing blood pressure. It helps eliminates sediments in the body which, if left untreated, can cause kidney and gallbladder stones. It helps ward off rheumatism. Overall, it detoxifies the body. And, due to the high mineral content of Himalayan salt, it also nourishes the body with 84 trace minerals.

Making Sole is easy:

- Place a few Himalayan salt sole chunks at the bottom of a jar

- Pour in a good quality spring water about 3 inches above the stones

- Let sit for 24 hours

- If salt has dissolved, add another salt stone and let site for another 24 hours

- The water has reached proper salination when salt still remains after a 24 hour period

- Keep the jar covered and continually add stones as the salt dissolves

- As long as some salt remains at the bottom of the jar, the proper salination level is maintained

Each morning, before eating or drinking, add one teaspoon of the sole solution to an 8 oz. glass of spring water.