How to Use a Salt Sole Jar

12 Apr 2018

Drinking Himalayan salt water sole can provide you with a number of benefits. As you may already be aware, Himalayan salt can do wonders for your health by working to harmonize the acidity and alkaline balance of your body. It is also known to eliminate sediments that may be in the body while also normalizing blood pressure, detoxifying the body, and helping to eliminate pain from arthritis and other joint problems. Containing 84 trace minerals, Himalayan salt is certainly worth considering if your health is less than optimal.

If you are interested in learning how to make sole with Himalayan salt, you might be surprised to find that it is not that difficult. To get started you will need a Himalayan salt sole jar. Many such jars include a wooden spoon and come filled with chunks of salt. The premise behind making salt sole is that if you continue to add salt to a container of water, eventually it will reach a point where the water becomes saturated with salt. Once the water has become saturated with salt, the salt will remain at the bottom of the glass without further dissolving. You can also use Himalayan salt to create sole.

Fill the jar with pure spring water and then allow it to sit overnight for a full 24 hours. It is best if you have a jar with a lid. If you notice that there is no salt at the bottom of the jar, this means the salt has become completely dissolved and you will need to add additional salt. You will know that your Himalayan salt sole is completely ready when you see salt crystals in the jar. At this point, the salt will no longer be able to dissolve in the water.

Prior to eating or drinking anything each morning, add a single teaspoon of Himalayan salt sole to a glass of spring water and drink it. This will allow your body to receive the full benefit of the sole. Remember to keep your Himalayan salt sole jar covered when not in use to prevent the salt from dissolving.