Making the Switch to Edible Himalayan Salt

11 Apr 2018

If the salt taking up space in your kitchen is of the plain processed variety, your health could benefit from making the switch to edible Himalayan salt. Many people are not aware of it, but plain table salt, also known as white salt, is actually quite devoid of many nutrients that your body needs to maintain optimal health. During the early 20th century, physicians began to notice that plain table salt was so lacking in nutrients that many people were developing a condition known as goiter. This condition was caused by a lack of one specific nutrient, iodine. While some table salt is now iodized, most processed salts are still severely lacking in many other nutrients that are crucial to optimal health. Also, iodine is not as necessary as in the past, since it is also found in many other foods. More important are the nutrients that cannot be found in ordinary table salts, but are found in Himalayan salt.

Pink Himalayan salt contains 84 critical minerals and trace elements. This salt is completely unprocessed, ensuring that all of the natural elements are not stripped from it during processing. This salt is hand-mined from natural salt caves that were formed millions of years ago in the Himalayan Mountains. Since Himalayan salt naturally contains a wealth of minerals, there is no need to process it or artificially enrich it. As a result, you can be assured that you are getting the nutrients you need to prevent a wide array of health problems.

This salt can be easily used in food preparation in the same way that you would use plain table salt. Use it for seasoning your foods while cooking or keep it on the table for adding a few extra dashes. Edible Himalayan table salt is available in two convenient grinds, fine grind and coarse grind. Simply choose the grind that you prefer based on how you plan to use it. Fine grind is better in shakers and in recipes for sprinkling, while coarse grind is better in a salt grinder for use on the table to add flavor to a completed dish. 

Used for years in many parts of the world for treating problems such as high blood pressure, respiratory illness, and inflammation, edible Himalayan salt can help you reach optimal health.