Salt Crystal Lamps – Nature’s Air Purifier

15 Aug 2011

We spend most of our lives in enclosed places. Our frame of mind and physical condition depends upon the composition of the air that we breathe. Air is electrically charged, which means it contains positively charges molecules (positive ions) and negatively charged molecules (negative ions).

Negative Ions clean the air of:
Dust, Pollen (grass, weed and tree pollen), Animal Dander, Smoke, Odor, Mold Spores

Negative Ions help relieve symptoms of:
Hay Fever, Asthma, Seasonal Affective Disorders, Depression, Chronic Fatigue

Ionizing Air:
Apart from their aesthetic beauty, salt lamps are also known for a variety of beneficial effects like ionizing indoor air & humidity reduction.

Effects on Our Health:
Salt Lamps have been used as natural treatments for: Rheumatism, Allergies, Respiratory diseases, and Migraines.

Applications for Salt Lamps:
In the home, In the office, During meditation, In massage rooms, For natural health practitioners, For psychiatrists, For allergy sufferers

Light Therapy
Light is important to mental well being. According to medical research, light therapy is a common treatment in the North Countries where one finds high rates of depression that are related to the long winter nights. Salt lamps can be used for light therapy and they can be used to adjust our emotional conditions. Salt comes in a very useful spectrum of colors that create different moods. So, you can choose one or more to improve your current condition. Red is the provocative color that boosts your vital forces and gives you an energetic outlook on life. Apricot is said to help you overcome emotional blocks, improve open mindedness and increase vital energy. Orange is supposed to aid relaxation and improve body harmony. Orange light is also said to be very helpful in overcoming stress, and nervous shock. It is also said to increase creativity. White brightens your outlook and has a calming effect that helps you concentrate and enrich your emotional life.

How to Clean your Salt Lamp:
Wipe the lamp with a damp towel or sponge in order to remove dust.