Four 9-11 lb. Salt Lamps Pack

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For a wealth of information about salt lamps, visit our Salt Lamp Information Center.

This package saves you money. The 9-11 lb. lamps are our best seller. This package allows you to get our most popular lamp at a discounted price. These lamps also make great gifts. Give them to friends and family or spread them throughout your home for cleaner air. Also, because multiple lamps in one room actually ionizes the best due to ions coming from multiple sources, you can benefit from these package deals by placing more than one lamp in each room and allowing for a more efficient ion spread.

Crystal Height 8 - 10 Inches
Crystal Width 6 - 8 Inches
Crystal Weight 9 - 11 Lbs
Protection Area 12x12 Sq.ft

*Includes UL listed on/off cords, bulbs, wooden bases, and informational sheets.

**If you prefer the package to come with UL Listed dimmer cords, you can choose this option from the "PACKAGE" drop-down menu above for an additional $12 ($3.00 per lamp).

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