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Himalayan Salt Lamps are immensely popular among homeowners looking for unique lighting fixtures that not only add organic charm to any room, but also provide ample health benefits. Here at the Himalayan Salt Shop, we provide customers with real, natural Himalayan Salt Lamps that meet their home decor and wellness needs.

Finding the right Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps are immediately recognizable. Most people know these singular light sources by their crystalline structures and orange coloration. However, simply purchasing any available salt lamp from just any retailer is not ideal for several reasons.

For starters, not all products purporting to be real Himalayan Salt Lamps are legitimate. Fakes are ubiquitous, which means consumers should learn how to differentiate authentic ones from imitators. Here are some of the key defining traits of a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp:

  • Dark orange color: Real Himalayan Salt Lamps generally possess deeper pink or orange-reddish tones, which shine brightly when illuminated. While some salt lamps can be sourced from lighter rock veins, genuine models are more likely to have that characteristic orange-reddish color. 
  • Tight crystalline surfaces: Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps are crafted using rock formed deep within the mine - material that has been exposed to immense pressure and therefore possess a tight internal and external structure. Knock-offs are not made using such high-quality salt and often feature chipped, chalky or dusty surfaces.
  • Sourced from Khewra: All real, high-quality Himalayan Salt Lamps come from one single source: the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. Lighting fixtures produced with salt sourced from elsewhere, even other mines in the Himalayan Mountain Range, are not considered genuine.

Customers looking into Himalayan Salt Lamps must keep the key characteristics in mind and pinpoint retailers that offer genuine products, not fakes. Of course, this is only half of the equation. In addition to finding lamps made from the right materials, buyers must consider placement and scale.

Himalayan Salt Lamps typically come in four different sizes. Fixtures in each class correlate to specific room measurements, meaning a salt lamp designed for use in a small bedroom may not perform as intended if placed in a living area. Here are the four primary lamp sizes:

  • 5-7 Pounds: These models facilitate a protection area of 10x10 feet and, thus, work best in smaller spaces.
  • 9-11 Pounds: Supporting a protection area of 12x12 feet, these fixtures fit best in large bedrooms.
  • 12-15 Pounds: These lamps can offer protect spaces as large as 14x14 feet, making them ideal for most living rooms.
  • 40-50 Pounds: The behemoth lamps in this class can cover areas of up to 30x30 feet or the size of a recreation room.

In addition to these variables, customers should also consider shape and construction quality, as these lesser factors also affect Himalayan Salt Lamp performance.

Understanding the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

As mentioned above, Himalayan Salt Lamp devotees do not just purchase these lighting fixtures for the decorative effect. Salt lamps actually provide demonstrable health benefits, including:

  • Allergy relief: Real Himalayan Salt Lamps actually clean the air through a process called hygroscopy. When switched on, salt lamps attract airborne water molecules loaded with irritants. These microscopic droplets eventually come into contact with the crystalline salt and evaporate, leaving behind the problematic particles they once contained and eliminating pollutants from the air. Hygroscopy essentially scrubs the atmosphere, leaving behind clean, breathable air that does not inflame the lungs. On top of this, genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps emit negative ions that can neutralize positive ions generated by electronic devices - charged molecules that exacerbate health conditions. These qualities make salt lamps perfect for households with allergy sufferers who fall victim to irritant-laden air and stray positive ions.
  • Improved sleep quality: The mass adoption of cutting-edge technology has moved society forward in more ways than one. However, the same devices that enrich everyday life also wreak havoc on many pre-digital natural processes - most notably the human sleep cycle. Many individuals struggle to sleep due to the stark azure glow of their cell phone screens. These flashy fixtures stimulate the brain and skewing the circadian rhythm, encouraging users to stay awake when they should actually be winding down. This brand of technological disruption can lead to sleep deprivation and other similarly serious conditions. Himalayan Salt Lamps can correct circadian imbalances via their patented pink or orange glow, signaling the brain to reduce neurological activity and lay the groundwork for a good night's sleep.
  • Reduced anxiety: Clinically diagnosed anxiety is a significant problem in the U.S. and abroad. Most people dealing with anxiety use medication or therapy to address their symptoms. These treatments are, of course, critical. That said, there are other additional steps individuals can take to address anxiety, including using real Himalayan Salt Lamps. How do these lighting fixtures help those with such a serious condition? The pink or orange glow they generate supports relaxation. These lamps also give off brown, orange and yellow shades, which tend to energize users. Additionally, studies show that negative ionization can actually reduce stress, making Himalayan Salt Lamps ideal home accessories for people living with clinically diagnosed anxiety.


Using Himalayan Salt Lamps in the home

With these benefits in play, it's easy to understand why so many people are embracing Himalayan Salt Lamps. Of course, some potential customers express concern over actually incorporating these unique lighting fixtures into the home. For instance, pet owners often wonder whether these items will harm their four-legged friends. In reality, Himalayan Salt Lamps are completely safe for all members of the household: from adults and children to curious felines.

Are you interested in purchasing a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp for your home? Take a look at our extensive selection. If you need more information, don't hesitate to check out our knowledge library.