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Customers interested in unlocking the power of genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps have several different models to choose from here at the Himalayan Salt Shop. While most of our visitors gravitate toward Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps, an increasingly large number go for our increasingly popular Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp that falls into our Crafted Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps category.

These unique, pink salt bowl lamps not only provide substantial health benefits, but they also add an uncommon and appealing decorative touch to any room. It is these characteristics that have prompted leading publications to laud our Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps and pushed Himalayan salt crystal lamp devotees to add these items to their collections.  

How Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps promote health

Lamps crafted from real Himalayan salt (from the Himalayan Mountains, of course) boast natural healing properties, leveraging their mineral makeup to directly address symptoms associated with multiple health problems, including:

  • Allergies: An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. While medication can certainly help individuals deal with these bothersome symptoms, a number of alternative treatments have also proven effective, including the use of Himalayan Salt Lamps. How exactly do these lighting fixtures provide allergy relief? Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps, each of which comes with with UL-listed cords, cleanse the air through an all-natural process known as hygroscopy. Active Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps attract airborne water particles containing common allergens, evaporating the moisture and affixing the residual dust and grime to their crystalline surfaces. This process leaves behind irritant-free air - the ideal indoor atmosphere for individuals who regularly grapple with seasonal allergies. However, the allergy-fighting powers of Himalayan salt do not end here. In addition to facilitating hygroscopy, this unique material also supports negative ionization, another phenomenon that can benefit people with allergies. Lamps made of Himalayan salt actually emit negative ions, which naturally counteract harmful positive ions given off by most common household electronic items. These charged particles exacerbate health conditions of all kinds, including allergies.
  • Insomnia: Quality sleep can be hard to come by in today's device-driven world, where glowing smartphones and tablets disrupt our natural nighttime routines. Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps - each of which comes with a wooden base and dimmer switch - can help correct circadian rhythms skewed as a result of device usage, leveraging their dark pink tones to calm the brain and bring about sleep. In short, our fire bowl lamps are the perfect night light for those in serious need of a good night's rest.
  • Anxiety: This serious neurological condition wreaks havoc worldwide, disrupting the daily lives of tens of millions of people. While therapy and prescription medications are essential for individuals struggling with anxiety, there are outside solutions that can augment clinical care plans - most notably, Himalayan Salt Lamps. The same pink glow that helps insomnia sufferers can also assist those dealing with anxiety, helping them relax. On top of this, there are legitimate studies that show negative ionization can reduce stress levels. Together, these variables make Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps ideal for use in households with individuals who have this condition.

Using Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps in the home

It is easy to start using Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps in the home. Simply unwrap your lamp, install your bulb, and turn on the switch to creatively and naturally illuminate your space, all while protecting your indoor environment.

Finding the right Himalayan salt fire bowl

Numerous retailers offer salt lamps. However, many stock products that are not crafted from real Himalayan salt harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. Only fixtures crafted using the material found in this specific location are considered genuine. Here at the Himalayan Salt Shop, all of our items are made from the salt found in this hallowed outpost.   

Are you interested in purchasing Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps made of genuine Himalayan salt? Take a look at our high-quality options. If you need more information, don't hesitate to check out our knowledge library.

Buy the discounted pack of four Bowl of Fire Salt Lamps!

**PLEASE NOTE: Due to the difficulty in shaping salt, salt lamps may contain some natural lines and chips in them - this all adds to their natural beauty.**

Crystal Height - 5 Inches
Crystal Diameter - 7 Inches
Crystal Weight 7 - 9 Lbs
Protection Area 10x10 Sq.ft

*Includes UL Listed on/off cord, bulb, wooden base, and informational sheet

**If you prefer the lamp to come with a UL Listed dimmer cord, you can choose this option from the "LAMP" drop-down menu above for an additional $3.00 per lamp.




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