Affiliate Program

Himalayan Salt Shop - Affiliate Program

Do you love Himalayan Salts? Our affiliate program allows you to make money every time a customer you refer to our site makes a purchase.


How Do I Join?

Signing up for the program is easy and free! We are a proud member of the ShareASale Affiliate Network. To sign up, just submit your application via ShareASale.


How Does it Work?

Our affiliate program is simple. After you sign up, simply follow these steps.


  1. Select a banner or other promotional material from your affiliate interface.
  2. Place the promotional material on your website and start referring visitors.
  3. Make money on every purchase made by your referred traffic!

Program Highlights

  • Commission: 20% on all products
  • Dozens of banners and links to promote the program
  • 2 Tier Signup Bonus ($2.00)
  • Affiliate Newsletter
  • 30 Day cookie
  • Data Feed
  • Popshops


Why Himalayan Salt Shop?


Sell one of the most unique Health & Wellness products out there - HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS and more!

The Himalayan Salt Shop has been the premier seller of these amazing products for over a decade and now you can cash in too!

These natural works of art are made from pristine chunks of Himalayan Crystal Salt and shine a soothing orange-reddish glow while naturally cleaning the air inside the home via negative ions that are emitted by this special crystal salt. They are insanely popular with the Health & Wellness crowd.

Himalayan salt products have been growing in popularity for the past few years, so take advantage of this emerging trend now while the market is hot.