Press Release 10/08/15

Himalayan Salt Shop Launches New Affiliate Program


The Himalayan Salt Shop has launched a new affiliate program paying commissions to those helping to market their products on the web.

Whippany, NJ – October 8, 2015

The Himalayan Salt Shop has launched its new affiliate sales program with, a leading affiliate marketing company. Individuals can now earn a 20% commission for every sale they help generate for the Internet salt company. Products include Himalayan salt lamps, Himalayan cooking salt, and Himalayan bath salt. To sign-up, interested parties should visit

The Himalayan Salt Shop is based in Whippany, New Jersey and has been in business since 2006. Recently, it has partnered with Promotion Fulfillment Center of Camanche, Iowa to expand operations and to improve focus on marketing and new product additions ( “We feel that the next major sources of growth for our company will be affiliate sales and expanded product offerings,” said Ernest Gaglione, President and Founder.

Plans are also in place to join forces with additional affiliate marketing companies such as Commission Junction and Rakuten Linkshare. In addition to new affiliate programs, future plans include marketing complimentary products from other vendors in the same health and wellness niche. An expansion of Himalayan Salt Shop’s own product line is also in progress. These product additions will include Tibetan Singing Bowls and wellness gift baskets.

Over the course of nine years, the Himalayan Salt Shop has seen steady revenue increases. This trend is expected to continue with these plans of additional affiliate marketers and new products. There has also been talk of some product placement in regional and national store chains. Media inquiries can be sent to