"I would like to personally thank Ernest for his incredible customer service! Not only was my experience in dealing with him a pleasure, but the products are a beauty to behold! Fast shipping, great product, friendly customer service! What else could you want?"
- Terry Y.

"Received our shipment of four salt lamps today. Cannot believe how beautiful they are. It's almost as if each one has its own distinct personality. Had fun trying to decide where each one would be placed in our home. Bought them for the reported health benefits they could provide, but we are already enjoying the calming ambiance they exude. Thank you so much."
- Sharon H.

"I received my salt lamp and I am very pleased with it. It is the third one in my collection."
- John G.

"Thanks so much for the beautiful lamp, arrived fast, and is even better than expected. I'm thrilled."
- Martha M.

"I can't say enough good things about the Himalayan Salt Shop! Their salt lamps are second to none in quality and after only using them a few days my allergies have dramatically improved!!! Not only do their lamps have great health benefits, but they are well made and beautiful as well. They have the best customer service I have ever encountered with a company! Ernest was amazing and went above and beyond to make me happy when I had a small issue with my order. I only trust them for all my Himalayan Salt needs now and will highly recommend them to everyone I know!"
- Ann S.

"Hello Ernest. I received the order and it is amazing, but not as amazing as you. I appreciate you taking care of me and having great integrity. The product is beautiful and packaged and shipped well. Thank you soo very much for taking care of me again. You are AMAZING. High regards for your customer service and product. Thank you Ernest. Blessings to you my friend."
- Shanna B.

"The three Himalayan salt lamps we ordered arrived in a very well packaged box. I was more delighted with each one I unwrapped. They are absolutely beautiful! Allergies and congestion breaking up just after the first night of use. Wonderful company, passing on information about these wonderful lamps! Stock Up!!! Thanks again!"
- Deb and Wally, from Ohio

"I received our replacement light cord in the mail today! Thank you! The best thing a company can have (to me)...is great customer service...and YOU CERTAINLY DO!!! I have many many friends on Facebook now interested in your company. I also just put another positive post on tonight...letting everyone know how well you took care of us. I will be ordering another Salt Lamp for my son's girlfriend's birthday soon.... happy to do so. Thank you!"
- Kelly R.

"Hello! I have received my order from your shop. Thank you for such prompt attention to my inquiry regarding order status earlier this week. I tried the salt lamp last night and it was the first night of good sleep that I have had in a long time."
- Gail R.

"I want to tell you how pleased we are with your products! I just now ordered two more lamps! Not only do we feel they are helping our son with a TBI, but they bring such ambiance to our home! Thank you!"
- Melinda B.

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such care to make things right with my recent order. The inhaler arrived very well protected. I am certain the extra attention made with the sturdier packaging along with the fragile label on the box helped. Probably more expensive to ship, but I believe it pays off. I truly appreciate the replacement salt and Thank You for sending extra for the replaced inhaler as well. You are very kind and considerate. I am most definitely letting my friends and clients know how wonderful your company is and the value of your Himalayan salt products. Enjoy your holiday season and Be Well Friend!"
- Tammy J.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your products—and again how much I appreciated your OUTSTANDING customer service when I was having trouble with the power cord for the salt lamp I keep in my office. Your willingness to send me a new cord was very impressive and I was very grateful for the quick and courteous response (which is, alas, so rare these days when dealing with most businesses)."

"Because I was so impressed with your superb customer service, I went back on your website to see what other products of yours I might want to try, and I decided to “treat” myself by ordering the 15-pound bag of the medium-grind Himalayan Bath Salts. They arrived very promptly, and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

"Now this is where it gets interesting: All my life, I’ve been plagued (a very good word for it) with annoying skin rashes, which usually pop up when I’m under a lot of stress; they might be on my arm, or my back, or anywhere, and they itch like the devil. Unfortunately, in my job, there’s ALWAYS a lot of stress, so once one of these rashes (usually an area about the size of the palm of my hand) “takes hold,” it can take anywhere from several weeks to several months for them to go away—and that’s even with the application of a doctor-prescribed ointment that’s supposed to help, but doesn’t always do the trick. In fact, I’ve had one of these annoying rashes across my abdomen since about Thanksgiving; it never really gets significantly worse, but it never gets any better, either—it’s just there, annoying me all day.

When I received my order of your bath salts, I decided to treat myself to a bath that evening (I’m normally a “shower person,” to save time). I put about 1 cup of the bath salts in the half-filled tub (it would take an ocean to completely fill my bathtub) and soaked for about 25 minutes, because I read somewhere that you should soak in these salts for at least 20 minutes. It did seem like a wonderful bath, and I felt very refreshed afterwards, but I didn’t even think about it doing anything positive to make that darn abdominal rash go away.

Imagine my amazement when I realized, about 24 hours later, that the rash was gone! It was as if it had “dried up”—and since I hadn’t done ANYTHING else differently (like changing jobs!), I can only assume that soaking in your bath salts somehow did the trick! I am totally amazed by this, and you can be assured that I’ll be buying more of those bath salts; that’s a bonus that I certainly never expected, because all I was looking for was a relaxing bath experience.

So thank you VERY much, and I will definitely be giving the highest recommendation of your products to all my friends!"
- Sandy H.

"I don't have a question but I would like to say thank you very much for a very good product and very good services. I love your products! All the testimonials are real and true and that was my deciding factor to order from you!"
- Era W.

"I am a return customer. We found your site on the internet. We received a salt lamp as a gift and fell in love with it and purchased 3 more. After seeing the salt inhaler on your site, I bought it and I love it!! In the past year I have tried all forms of treatment for clearing my respiratory system. I actually saw results after the second day!! I use it every day for 20 minutes. I love all your products that we have purchased. I still need to buy some more lamps so every room in my house will have salt lamps in them."
- Marriane B.

"This company is fast, efficient, and has great products. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, thank you again!"
- David C.

"I must truly tell you it is helping me with my Lupus, surprisingly so! I was a skeptic but am now convinced of the power of the Himalayan Salt!"
- Joan P.

"Mr. Gaglione, I received my lamps today and they are all I had hoped they would be. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the lamps you selected and shipped to me. My daughter and son-in-law are interested in buying two or three more salt lamps for their house. I will definitely recommend the Himalayan Salt Shop to them."
- James S.

"My order arrived today--thanks for the amazing fast shipment! All 4 lamps are gorgeous--from the lighter orange to the beautiful varied oranges to the deep orange, every single one stands out in their own way. Some are meant for gifts--but I will be having a really hard time parting with them!! I have lots of salt lamps in my home--when I expect evening visitors I always tell them to look for the orange glow coming from my place. I usually buy them in person--so this was kind of a test order to see what I would receive. Everything was great in this shipment--so I will order from you again."
- Joanna K.

"I already own two salt lamps and I also bought one for each of my kids. This one is for my office! They are truly beautiful and I feel the "salt power"!"
- Jane V.

"For many years I have purchased extremely expensive ionizing air filters for my home as I have many allergies and love dogs…a fellow was doing maintenance on my air conditioner a couple of years ago and told me about salt lamps. Through a Google search I found your site and bought the small candle holder for my desk while my office was undergoing dusty renovation. It worked very well and I light it up every working morning. One of the fellows I work with also has bad allergies and takes pills, nasal sprays and shots and still is miserable. I sent him to your site and he bought one and is amazed at how well it works. Well, we just ordered your 6-8 pound four pack…he wants 2 more and he convinced a friend to try one…and I had to get one just because they are so pretty...and I like your story…thanks!"
- Suzette D.

"Himalayan Salt Shop, I just want to say “Thank You”. The replacement lamp you sent to me arrived yesterday safe and sound. You are a good company with great customer service who goes the extra mile. I have been telling all my friends about your quick response when I emailed you that one of the lamps I ordered arrived in two pieces. And all you asked me to do was to take a picture of the broken lamp, email the picture to you and you would send me a replacement which you did. I wish you continuing success."
- Arlene B.

"I just received my beautiful Himalayan Salt lamp!!!! I had to take a picture of it and send it to you------even though you know what it looks like. It is massive!!!! I LOVE it!!! Also the Bowl of Fire is gorgeous!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! I love your products and your service!!!! Thank you so much!"
- Kristin D.

"Thanks again! And I have to tell you that everyone who sees my lamp LOVES it. I’m telling them the name of your company - hope it brings you new business. You certainly deserve it with the great service you provide. Take care."
- Jane V.

"Dear Mr. G. I am so glad that I ran across this site. To make a long story short, I had asthma and COPD for which I was hospitalized. I had a friend that gave me a little sample of your Himalayan salt. For the first time in years I got to soak in a hot bath. I also very sparingly used some to boil on top of my stove and couldn't believe the difference. I was so sick, I lost my job and all my savings. As soon as I can get back on my feet, I plan on ordering all of your Himalayan salt products. I am taking every medicine you can imagine from the doctors. I've seen so many specialists, at Barnes Hospital, the leading hospital in Missouri. Nothing has helped me nearly as much as that little bit of salt in boiling water. The inhaler will be my first purchase. I can't wait. I also can't wait to tell my pulmonologist in St. Louis, MO all about your product - my friends too. May God Bless You. Thanks to you I can now take a bath without using inhalers or my oxygen. It's been close to five years since I have been able to soak without complications. You have given me hope."
- Brenda H.

"My sister bought one of your candle holders for me as a gift for watching her animals while she was away. It was a practical gift since I suffer from allergies. I have to say I love it and notice a difference. Which is why I'm buying more! :)"
- Mellisa B.

"I am just back from 4 months overseas to find my beautiful new salt lamp, the nicest I have ever seen. Thank you again, and I will always recommend my friends to you for their salt lamps!"
- Steve B.

"I just can't believe how good I feel since I've been using the salt lamp.........I know it won't take my emphysema away or the asthma, but I have not felt this good in a long time.........mentally too, because I was very depressed by my condition.........I just don't have much of a life anymore. I have not had a flare up since using the salt lamp. Thank you for such wonderful products."
- Barbara B.

"I'm not sure who I'm e-mailing during these sessions...but Thank YOU so much for your positive business approach. Not many companies today go out of their way to make a new customer happy. This was not what I or my husband expected by getting another lamp at no charge and you personally picking it out. It shows that truly there are companies out there that want the consumer to be happy with their product and go the extra mile to make it happen. We were so unexpectant of your e-mail response...It totally took us by surprise - and so soon. We do not expect free things in our life...your company in trying times needs a profit too. I will continue to purchase from you, especially when I need great gifts. Thank you so much for such a positive e-mail and being a very understanding company. Like I expressed; your products are beautiful pieces of nature and every piece is different, we are using them right now! Thanks again and I will be purchasing more in the future and I hope the people I give these lamps to as presents appreciate the value and the ions released to enhance their surroundings. Thanks again."
- Sharon Y.

"I was looking on the Internet for something totally different for my husband's birthday. I came across your site and knew at once he would love it. He does. And my friend loved it so much that I am giving one to her also. Thank your for your fine products."
- Cathy N.

"Found in Woman's World publication. Had seen these at a craft festival in Oklahoma last year and bought for friends - none for me! As soon as I saw these I went right to the computer. Thanks! By the way, my friends love them!"
- Lynn W.

"Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for the incredible service and beautiful product! I was married in May and I needed to create a beautiful wedding reception on a very modest budget. I wanted candles for the table centerpieces instead of traditional floral arrangements. I ordered 15 natural candle holders, one for each table, and I couldn't imagine a more perfect look for our reception. Now one of the candle holders sits in our living room, a beautiful reminder of our perfect day. Thank you thank you thank you!"
- Kristine R.

"Have ordered from you before...love your products! ...and so do my friends! Thanks!"
- Jean K.

"We received the lamps and candle holders today and they are beautiful! I will definitely re-order for Christmas gifts."
- Jan S.

"I recently ordered a salt lamp, and I absolutely love it! The lamp is not only attractive, it is soothing and I feel good about the health benefits too. I have found this company's products and customer service excellent. Thank you."
- Karen F.

"I found you through a search engine, but we initially bought a salt lamp at our fall festival. Yes, we were skeptics, but not now. My husband woke up EVERY morning sneezing and I had sinus headaches every day. Well, the day after we bought it we noticed a difference and everything was wonderful until the light bulb burned out and then we REALLY noticed a difference. The headaches and sneezing came back immediately!! I am a believer!!!!!"
- Crystal A.

"I have never taken into consideration to write a testimonial on or for any product. This is an exception. My journey in finding a Himalayan Salt Lamp lead me to several local stores – without avail – I didn't like what I saw, or was being offered – and I didn't like the pricing. I found this Himalayan Salt Shop and thought I'd give a try. Amazing!!!! What did I get? An outstanding product. My Salt Lamp(s) are incredible and worth every penny spent. The service from Ernest and his staff is outstanding. Every question is being answered promptly and to the point. Your merchandise is being packaged with such care. You, the customer, are a priority to Ernest and his staff. I can't say enough about these Salt Lamps. They do work and they are very beneficial to asthma and allergy sufferers – and also to individuals on C-Pap Machines [suffering from Sleep Apnea]. My husband and I have Sleep Apnea. Any individuals with respiratory problems will know the difference right away, after using these Salt Lamps – they may be placed in any room of choice – not to forget the Bedroom. I'm here to tell you “they do work”!. I'll personally consider giving these Lamps as a holiday present to family and friends. I'm sure that these Salt Lamps will be more than appreciated. They are so user-friendly – as they don't use up a lot of electricity – and they do provide a glowing ambiance to any room – and for the price, they are very affordable. I'm taking one of these Salt Lamps to my Allergy Clinic – asking my Dr. to place it directly in his office. As an allergy and apnea sufferer – I'd like to share a good thing, and here I'm sharing. Thank you so much, Ernest. I'm glad to have found you and your Himalayan Salt Shop. Your service is one-of-a-kind!! Even my husband agrees with me on all counts – and that is something."
- Gisela S.

"We got our salt lamp & Bowl of Fire today. We absolutely love them!! We are looking forward to future purchases for our home, and for gift giving. Thank you for your prompt service."
- Monica M.

"Hi Ernest, my beautiful crystal salt lamp and candle holder arrived this afternoon and I just want to thank you so much for the candle holder. You are very sweet and I appreciate your kindness. I have them on my bureau and my shades are down and my room is dreamy. The glow and atmosphere from the lamp is just wonderful. I can't wait to get some tea lights to put in the candle holder. Thank you again ever so much. Talk to you soon for the next birthday or anniversary gift giving. Be Well. Hugs."
- Dottie C.

"What great service you have, I would like to send you my thanks for a very good experience. My mom received her Mothers Day's gift right on time. She was amazed by the the candle holders. My mom is 73 years old and for her to like something so much is saying a lot. The tracking of the package was great. You got a new customer, you're in my favorites tray now. Thanks so much."
- Wolfgang N.

"My order arrived Saturday, intact, which was a concern considering the fragile nature of large salt rocks. The larger lamps are absolutely amazing! The online photos do not do these products justice! Thank you, and we will be ordering more to give as gifts."
- Robert S.

"I received my order today. WOW, what a beautiful product (Bowl Of Fire). I plan to order another from you soon! Thank you."
- Alice M.

"My experience was wonderful! I thought it was a smooth transaction and my order arrived quickly! I love my salt candle holders and will definitely order more in the future!"
- Christine D.

"I love the salt lamp, it is very relaxing and we are delighted with it, we will purchase more in the future. For all the people spending all the money on those expensive systems, think twice, if you can do it naturally why would you do it any differently?"
- Todd J.

"I love these salt lamps so much that I recently ordered some salt candle holders and I'm looking forward to using them as well. Warm aloha from Hawaii, Mahalo."
- Linda C.

"I am so happy with my lamps, they are just awesome. I hope to be able to order four more for Christmas. When I have company, everyone just admires them. I already told someone about the lamps and she ordered four of them for herself!"
- Cynthia C.

"I received my salt lamps today, love them, especially the soft glow they emit!"
- Lisa S.

"I have been using my daughter's lamp, and decided it worked, so I am buying some for myself."
- Diane H.