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Types of Salt Lamps

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Natural Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps
Natural Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps

Crafted Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps
Crafted Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp Package Deals
Himalayan Salt Lamp Package Deals

Salt Candle Holders
Salt Candle Holders

Salt Lamp Accessories
Salt Lamp Accessories

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps have become very popular over the years here in the United States. They have been popular for centuries, however, in Asia and Europe.

Since ancient times, people have known of the cleansing properties of salt. Salt was also used for preserving food. It was so valued that soldiers in Rome were paid in salt, hence the word “salary”. The Himalayan Mountains in Asia have vast salt reserves. Specifically, the Khewra Mine in Pakistan is known to possess one of the largest reserves of Himalayan salt and the salt here is of the utmost quality. It is at this top quality site where our superior Himalayan Salt Lamps are mined.

First, the salt is removed in large slabs by mining equipment and then transported out of the mine by large trucks. The slabs of Himalayan salt are then taken to a manufacturing facility where local artisans handcraft and, depending on the desired shape, use lathes to mold the salt into its various forms. No child labor is used in the process. After the shapes are made, a hole is drilled into the center of the crystal and a rosewood base is screwed into the bottom of the piece to officially make it a Himalayan salt lamp. These Himalayan Salt Lamps are then boxed and loaded into shipping containers for transport to the United States.

The Himalayan Salt Shop is proud to carry the highest quality Himalayan Salt Lamps on the market. Try our products and we guarantee you will be completely satisfied.

Himalayan Salt Lamps


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